Nude neighbour of kids hospital scares patients as hes told to shut curtains

Staff at a children's hospital were forced to remind students at a university accommodation building to close their curtains at night because patients and parents could see directly into their windows during "certain naked activities."

Medical professionals at the Children's Unit at Dunedin Hospital in New Zealand were alerted to the unsavoury views by the parent of a five-year-old patient on the ward.

That particular wing of the hospital in the city of Dunedin has uninterrupted views of of Hayward College across the street, and into the University of Otago hall of residence.

The university recently received a "friendly" email from the ward, asking if students could please close their curtains at night.

Southern District Health Board acting paediatrics clinical leader Prof Barry Taylor said it was a "humorous episode".

He told the New Zealand Herald: "It is very funny. It's been a humorous episode in the daily life of the children's ward.

"My understanding is that a parent mentioned that there was some naked activity that was visible from their five-year-old's [hospital] room and they didn't particularly want them to see it.

"A junior staff member said she knew the manager at the hostel, and she let them know that they should keep their curtains closed — basically to protect the privacy of the students."

The email, seen by the publication, read: "The Children's Unit staff at Dunedin Hospital would like you to close your curtains when engaging in certain naked activities at night.

"Parents and their five-year-old children can see far more than I'm sure you'd like."

Prof Taylor said there was actually just the one room that could be seen from the ward.

"I'm not going to tell you which one, for obvious reasons," he added.

A University of Otago spokeswoman said Hayward College staff appreciated being alerted to any privacy issues, and had advised residents accordingly.

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