Now it is the time to act Furious Ukraine diplomats shame Germany over EU membership

Ukraine: 'Now is the time for Germany to act' says Melnyk

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The Ukrainian ambassador to Germany, Andrij Melnyk, has called out Berlin for not advancing Kyiv’s ambition to join the European Union. Pressure has grown on Berlin in recent weeks to go further in support of Ukraine following Russia’s invasion. 

Ambassador Melnyk told Bloomberg Television: “The membership of Ukraine in the European Union has been and still remained our main geopolitical goal and we hoped that the last summit in Paris in Versailles has been a step forward on that way.

“But unfortunately, we cannot speak about a breakthrough.

“We still hope that Germany as the most important country, politically and economically within the EU, could do much more for us to push this agenda.

“We’re not still there.”

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He added: “We hope that the new government the new traffic light coalition, would put new signals and would put it on a new high political agenda here in Berlin.

“And would help us to convince to persuade other member states, which is still remain sceptical with respect to our goal, our membership in the Union.

“That’s something that we have been working on.

“We hope that the new government or the new chancellor yesterday, there was a 100 days in place in office, and we hope that now is the time for Germany to act.”


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In recent weeks Germany approved arms supplies to Ukraine and announced a drastic increase in defence spending after Russia invaded Ukraine, marking a major shift in Berlin’s foreign and security policy.

Germany, which very much depends on Russian gas, has stopped short of backing moves to target Russian oil.

Berlin has been warning against acting too quickly because of already high energy prices in Europe.

German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock said, “the pictures that reach us from Ukraine are heart-breaking”.

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“This makes it even clearer that the EU, that the world that believes in a rules-based order, has to isolate this regime,” she said as she arrived at an EU meeting on Monday.

But she declined to answer a question on what could trigger sanctions on Russia’s energy sector.

The European Union and its Western allies have already imposed a panoply of sanctions against Russia over its invasion of Ukraine, including freezing its central bank’s assets.

The humanitarian crisis in the besieged port city of Mariupol is increasing pressure on Europe to do more.

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