Nothing to boast about Russia takes blistering swipe at UK over rocketing tensions

British ex-pat in Ukraine shares fear over Russian 'threat'

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Boris Johnson this week visited Ukraine to reiterate the UK’s support to its fellow European country as Russia continues to fuel fears of a potential invasion. Moscow has been building up its military presence at the border for months, citing concerns about Kiev’s alleged plans to apply to join NATO as a source of significant concern. But attempts to foster a diplomatic resolution to the tensions, Russia’s deputy UN Ambassador Dmitry Polyanskiy warned “we don’t trust British diplomacy” in a blistering swipe at the UK.

Speaking to Sky News, Mr Polyanskiy said: “I think in recent years British diplomacy has shown that it is absolutely worthless on such issues, I’m sorry to say.

“And I really don’t want to offend anybody, especially my good friends, British diplomats.

“But really, the results are nothing to boast about.”

The Kremlin said on Wednesday it would provide details if and when President Vladimir Putin spoke to Boris Johnson by phone and that Putin was ready to talk to anyone, including the “utterly confused”.

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Mr Johnson was due to have a call with Putin earlier in the week but the publication of the damning Sue Gray report derailed plans.

The Prime Minister travelled to Ukraine on Tuesday, where he accused the Russian President of holding a gun to Kiev’s head in a bid to bully the West into redrawing the post-Cold War security map of Europe.

Moscow insisted it has no plans to stage a new invasion of Ukraine.


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