NHS medic’s warning to young people as students ‘in intensive care’ with Covid

A number of students who have contracted coronavirus are being treated in hospital, with some in intensive care, prompting a warning to younger people up and down the country.

One medic, who works within Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust (MFT), says some of the city's youngest residents are "getting quite ill".

He warns students to not "take it lightly" as Covid-19 can affect anyone, even those who are young and healthy, writes Manchester Evening News.

“Coronavirus can affect all ages, it doesn’t discriminate,” he says.

“In the vast majority of cases people will recover but a small proportion will get very unwell and we are seeing that with both older and younger people.

“More older people are getting unwell but youngsters are not being spared.

“Some youngsters in their early 20s and even 19 year olds are getting quite ill with Covid and some are requiring intensive care and higher levels of care.”

The medic's warning comes after Manchester health officials revealed more than half of the city's Covid-19 cases are affecting young people aged between 17 and 21.

The city still has the highest rate in England following large outbreaks among the student population.

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Fallowfield remains the coronavirus hotspot of England, with 612 confirmed Covid-19 cases in the week ending October 3, according to ONS data.

Hulme Hall, where Manchester Metropolitan University's halls of residence are based, had 184 cases during that time.

Manchester Council said earlier this week that coronavirus is affecting the city's student suburbs.

Health chiefs said the majority of those affected are living in university halls and most are asymptomatic.

At the University of Manchester, 1,264 students and 21 staff members tested positive for Covid-19 between September 21 and October 5.

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Whereas at Manchester Metropolitan University, 531 students and 13 members of staff have tested positive since September 14, though figures don't include a mass testing of more than 800 students at the Birley and Cambridge halls last week.

The medic, whose identity has remained hidden, says it's important for people to understand that students and young people can become very ill with the virus.

“You’re more likely to become ill if you have underlying health conditions but it can affect young, fit people who think they are invincible,” he says.

He advises students to follow social-distancing rules, keep washing their hands and listen to the basic guidance.

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“Keep yourself healthy but also be aware of your mental health,” he says.

“Keep in touch with your loved ones. Take Covid seriously but don’t let it dominate your life.

“We are not blaming you but we want you to know you are not invincible.

“We know how difficult this year has been for you and how difficult this period is. I think it must be very hard.

“If you’re in a foreign city with Covid and suddenly you become very unwell without your family not near and you find yourself in ICU, it’s scary.”

He added: "You do not want to take it lightly".

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