New drug turning people from one of the worlds poorest countries into zombies

A nation is being plagued by a synthetic drug, which is leaving the population as “zombies” incapable of looking after themselves.

Young people have been left in despair after using the new drug, known locally as kush.

Kush gives users a high, and an escape from their poverty-stricken lives in Sierra Leone, a West African nation.

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Speaking to, one 25-year-old identified only as Mohamed claims he would smoke a joint laced with kush.

The young man, who works as a garbage picker in Freetown, claims he would get high, meditate, sleep, wake up, eat and repeat the cycle.

“We smoke it the whole day,” he said. “I spend a lot of money on it every day — around $0.37 (29p)”.

A small cost to most people but the average annual income in the country is under $752 (£586.33) a year.

Mohamed’s workmates were crammed into a shack nearby smoking the drug, despite children playing nearby.

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The publication added that the synthetically-made drug surfaced about six years ago, manufactured and distributed by gangs.

Although, Abdul Sheku Kargbo, head of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency claims the composition of the drug is sketchy.

They explained: “The drug is an amalgamation of the various chemicals and plants that mimic the natural (cannabinoid) THC found in cannabis."

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He said that the active ingredient’s concentration can be “exponentially increased,” ratcheting up potency.

Another kush user, identified as 22-year-old Kadiatu claims that when they don’t smoke the drug their body begins to hurt, and their joints ache.

She said: “After I smoke two, three (joints), I feel okay, I feel alright, my meditation changes, my mood becomes cool. After smoking, I eat a lot."

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She has turned to sex work to fund her drug habit.

She added: "I used to be a cheerful woman with so many fashion dresses,” she said. “(…) Look at the hair on my head- I don’t plait my hair (anymore).”

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