Nazi sicko Himmler was obsessed with Atlantis and wanted deep sea explorations

Murderous Nazi leader Heinrich Himmler was so obsessed with finding the lost city of Atlantis that he wanted Adolf Hitler to order deep sea searches to be carried out to find it.

The bonkers revelation has come from the history experts behind the The Rest Is History podcast.

Duo Dominic Sandbrook and Tom Holland – not the bloke who plays Spiderman – were discussing the legacy behind the lost city, and moved on to discuss its association to Nazi Germany.

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It was once claimed that everyone who lived in the mythological place was of one race – a group of white skinned, blonde, blue-eye people.

Or as Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany liked to called them, Aryans.

And this sparked a fascination for Himmler, who was “fully into” the idea of trying to find the place.

The podcasts hosts said: “(There was a belief that) Atlantis might have actually be in the North Sea.

“Although Hitler himself, to give him credit, he thought this was all mad.

“He had no time for Atlantis being the homeland of the German people.

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“Rudolph Hess was very into it, Alfred Rosenberg was very into it, and Himmler inevitably was all over it.

“He was very disappointed that the state of war meant he couldn't launch deep sea explorations in the North Sea.

“Had they won the war, it would have been great for the archaeology of the Doggerland . . . obviously terrible in all kinds of other ways.

“Himmler would have ploughed billions of Reichsmarks into excavating it.”

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Doggerland is an area of land submerged beneath the North Sea that once connected Britain to continental Europe.

However, it was flooded by rising sea levels around 6,500 years BCE – during the last ice age.

There is actual evidence to support Doggerland's existence, as a woolly mammoth skull was found there around 23 years ago.

No evidence of the lost city of Atlantis has ever been found, however.

The only potential evidence of it comes from ancient philosopher Plato's Timaeus and Critias, dating to around 360 BCE.

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