Nail-biting moment paddleboarder between shark and turtle gets knocked into sea

A paddleboarder was knocked into the sea when he was stuck in the middle of a chase between a hungry shark and a scared turtle.

Brodie Moss, from Australia, was out at sea exploring when he found himself in a dangerous position — a tiger shark on his left chasing at a sea turtle on his right.

Sharing the dramatic moment on his YouTube channel, YBS Youngbloods, the 30-year-old keeps his feet above the water while trying to paddle further way from them.

"Oh s***, oh this is intense, they are down, underneath me. Look the tiger [shark] has got the turtle underneath me," he says.

"I don't know if I'm in the best position right here…pulling between the tiger [shark] and the turtle."

The apex predator goes closely behind the turtle but the hard-shelled reptile manages to dodge an attack and paddles its way towards Brodie using its flippers.

When Brodie thinks the sea beast is giving up on the turtle, it takes him by surprise as the shark emerges from water and bites on his paddleboard.

Warning: Video below contains strong language

The sudden impact forces Brodie to fall into the water.

He's believed to be safe and not injured.

Brodie called it a "humbling reminder" for himself that he is just a visitor to the ocean and the marine animals living in there.

"I love sharks and this little accident was not the big fella's fault," he added.

His fans called his encounter a "Steve Irwin moment" as they compared it to how the legendary crocodile hunter battled with the fierce beasts.

"Brody, you're crazy: shark wants to eat turtle…turtle uses paddle board as cover. That could have gone very sideways but incredible footage," one said.

Another noticed: "That was a legit bite, the eyes rolled and everything!"

"Brother, we love you and we don't want to lose you, just take care of yourself and don't be reckless," a third reminded him.

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