Mysterious abandoned plane spotted on Google Maps in middle of the desert

A mysterious abandoned plane has been spotted in the desert by eagle-eyed internet users on Google Maps.

The jet was seen all by itself in the Libyan desert, leaving Reddit users to investigate how it got there.

In the striking picture, a white aircraft can be seen sitting alone on the desert airstrip of Wadi Bu al Hashm in the north African country.

The brightness of the sun make it easier to spot the stranded lone object.

A more detailed Google Earth photograph shows the inside of the abandoned aircraft. It features broken doors and hanging wires, with what appears to be damage to the cockpit of the plane.

The aircraft's doors look like they have been completely blown off.

Showing detective work Sherlock Holmes would be proud of, Reddit users think they managed to uncover the history of the abandoned jet.

Some pointed out that although it looks like it crashed, the fact it was still mostly intact suggested the plane had been left behind on purpose.

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One internet sleuth believes they have discovered the story behind the Google Maps plane.

The reddit user said: "Damaged beyond repair in a landing accident at the desert airstrip of Wadi Bu al Hashm, photographic evidence shows the main undercarriage collapsed with damage to the propeller tips.

"The first photographic evidence emerged on October 6, 2008, so the accident must have happened before that date.

"1992 Libya. Yasir Arafat's (the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat) An-26 crashed on 8 April 1992 during a sandstorm. Of the 13 non board, both pilots and an engineer were killed."

Mr Arafat's plane crash landed in a sandstorm in the Libyan desert, killing two Palestinian pilots and a technician.

The politician was found alive nearly 12 hours after the crash.

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