My nan-in-law was blase after dropping my son – so I said he might not make it

A woman was left fuming after her careless grandmother-in-law dropped her child down the stairs – so pretended he might not make it.

She posted the story on Reddit thread AITA, an acronym for “Am I The A**hole?”

The drama unfolded when she let her husband’s gran babysit a couple of weeks ago.

While her three-month-old boy was at her house, she got a call from her saying he’d had a “bit of a tumble”.

She could hear her child “screaming in the background”.

However, her mum-in-law said the child had only had a “scrape and a bruise” and that they didn’t need to call an ambulance.

She hung up and called the ambulance herself before driving to the hospital.

The mum wrote: “It turns out she not only dropped my son, she dropped him while walking down the stairs, so he fell onto the second from bottom step and hit his head on the third from bottom step.

“She then wasted time calling her son , who told her she should probably call me or my husband.

“At the hospital she kept being dismissive, saying I was overreacting and my son would be fine, until I made her leave.

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“As it turns out, my son has a minor fracture in his skull, which will heal on its own, though it will take a couple of months.”

The doctor said the fall could have caused a life-threatening brain injury.

The woman continued: “I was furious with her, but I felt she should know my son was ok so I called her, but when she answered my call with ‘what did I tell you, he's fine, isn't he?’ her condescending tone and blasé attitude to my son's safety pissed me off, so I said ‘actually we're still not sure if he's going to make it’.

“Then the apologies and the guilt and the distress came out.”

Her husband called later on to clarify that the child was fine.

His dad and grandmother were “really mad” and thought it was a “dirty trick”.

However, the woman insisted: “I maintain that she deserved to feel bad about what happened to my son, and she obviously wasn't until she thought his life was in danger.

“I for one will never let her near my son again, but I hope she'll now be more careful about the safety of any other children she has care over.”

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