Mums rat-infested and mouldy flat somehow declared safe by housing chiefs

A woman has been sleeping with her two sons on a blow-up bed in their living room because the bedrooms in their flat are thick with mould.

Tanya Hall says that the house in Southall, west London, is also infested with rats.

But the 40-year-old healthcare worker has been told by her housing association that there is “no need to move out” of the property because it’s “safe”.

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After being diagnosed with asthma, anxiety, depression and a lump she recently found in her breast, Tanya says she feels she "will die" as a result of panic attacks from worrying about her kids’ safety.

Tanya told the Mirror: "I get panic attacks a lot because of this house. I'm thinking about the safety of my children. I don't sleep. I'm catching rats.

"That's what stopped me from cooking for a few days because I'm scared. [The rats] live in my walls every single night.

"When I see the rat droppings I don't eat in the house. I have to order takeaways.”

Tanya, who says she has had to buy replacements for numerous items damaged by mould, has been told by housing association A2Dominion "there is no need to move out."

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Tanya and her two sons Themetrius, 22, and Haiden, 7 have been sleeping on a blow-up bed for nearly two months following medical advice to stay away from the mould.

Dawn Wightman, Director of Homes & Communities, at A2Dominion, said: "We would like to apologise to Ms Hall for the problems she has experienced in her property. We take all reports of damp and mould very seriously.

"A specialist inspection has been conducted and repair works are ongoing. Extensive proofing has also taken place at the property and a pest control expert found minimal pest activity.

"Our team spoke with Ms Hall on Tuesday 21 March and told her that further investigation works will take place on Thursday 6 April.

"We've informed Ms Hall that there is no need for her to move out of the property and we have not advised her to sleep in the front room".

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"The decision not to relocate the family was made alongside the relevant authorities who have knowledge of Ms Hall's particular circumstances and access to the relevant information," Ms Wightman added.

"We're also sorry to hear that some of Ms Hall's belonging have been damaged and would advise her to make an insurance claim, should any assistance be required then we remain on hand to help.

"We've agreed with Ms Hall to maintain weekly contact and will continue to act in her best interests.

"We'd like to reassure her that the property is safe and we are doing all we can to resolve this as quickly as possible."

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