Military dog handler is one of Britains top trophy hunters and keeps souvenirs

A military dog handler is one of Britain’s top trophy hunters who slaughters defenceless animals including zebras then skins and eats them.

Ministry of Defence worker Adrian Cawte, who has killed hundreds of animals and more than 20 different species, keeps the hides as sick souvenirs.

And in stomach-churning posts he has bragged how he has tucked into zebra meatballs after butchering the creatures.

Some of the beasts he kills for fun include zebra, baboons, jackal, wildebeest, antelope, warthog, deer and impala. Bloodthirsty Cawte, from Somerset, has boasted of his passion for trophy hunting on several hunters’ forums.

He once told how slaying a majestic zebra was “a very nice way to christen my new rifle”.

After killing another zebra he discussed how he loved the smell of a butchered animal.

Cawte bragged: “I took the shot and heard the bullet strike, I saw the zebra fall and roll downhill kicking.

“I could finally lay my hands on her and admire the fantastic markings, feel the short bristled hair on her body, examine her hooves, run my fingers over the scars on her hide and inhale that wonderful horsey smell”.

He also told fellow hunters how he enjoyed one kill by eating “zebra meatballs” with tagliatelle for dinner.

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In several other graphic posts he described his joy in tracking their blood splatters.

After shooting a duiker antelope he said: “There was stomach contents on the ground and some small splatters of blood.

“There was also a pleasing amount of blood which was being dropped regularly and relatively easy to follow.

“We kept on and found more intestines caught on the thorns and more blood.”

Cawte also bragged about shooting a springbok through the leg.

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He said: “There was a lot of blood and we followed the trail finding chunks of bone.

“My bullet had smashed through the rear leg removing most of the bone and destroying muscle and tendon.”

When asked on forum “What makes you want to hunt?” he responded, “because I enjoy it.”

Cawte, who has been with the MoD for several years, has been exposed by Eduardo Goncalves, founder of the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting.

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Eduardo said: “Cawte describes in stomach-churning detail the appalling injuries and suffering he inflicts on animals.

“He seems to revel in literally blasting animals to pieces. He poses for pics next to his victims then goes for a beer. He tucks into meals of meatballs made from zebras.

“He is a disgrace to all servicemen and women who bravely wear the uniform.”

Next week the Government will discuss a bill to ban the import of hunting trophies from endangered animals.

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The proposed law comes two years after the Government pledged to introduce the ban.

Eduardo said: “We need to ban trophy hunting now. It’s the sport of sick, twisted sadists.

“The government says it’s going to stop hunters bringing home their gruesome souvenirs, but won’t say when.

“How long are we going to let this madness go on?”

Cawte has been contacted for comment.

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