Mia Khalifa tells troll a dog dresses better than you in brutal putdown

Mia Khalifa brutally threw shade at an Instagram troll, telling them: "My stylist's dog dresses better than you, stay in fashion school, you need it."

The troll made a series of desparaging remarks in French to Mia, who has a good grasp of the language, in response to some posts she did at a recent fashion show.

Nathaniel Mimran, a fashion student from Miami, has 10,000 followers on Instagram, but may have bitten of more than he can chew in criticising Mia.

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She then posted on her story saying: "It's the 'follows you' for me" in reference to Mimran following her despite criticising her outfit.

The man's comments related to a snap Mia posted of herself in a lacy black outfit in Paris which she captioned: "Quite literally, fire."

The X-rated performer last week revealed she has a secret Twitter account which she uses to "cyber bully" online trolls.

In a video she posted on her Twitter account, she danced around her bathroom while listening to Nicki Minaj and using a toothbrush as a microphone.

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One user quoted the tweet, saying: "I just know she has a stan Twitter burner."

And much to the fan's surprise, Mia confirmed that she does in fact have an anonymous Twitter account.

"I use it to cyberbully haters," she joked.

She then once again proved her talent for toll takedowns, when someone commented on the same video telling her to seek forgiveness.

They wrote: "You said in the media that 'people look at me with bad eyes because of my past' yesterday

"Watching this video feels like that. If you are the same as you were, then people will look at you with the same eyes.

"Ask forgiveness from Allah Almighty with a sincere heart."

Retweeting the comment for her 5.3 million followers to see, she curtly replied: "Go f**k yourself."

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