MH370 pilot may have taken passengers hostage before ocean plunge, says engineer

The passengers of the still-missing MH370 flight, which disappeared over the Indian Ocean in 2014, may have been taken hostage before the crash, an expert has claimed.

British engineer Richard Godfrey, 71, has been using brand new tracking tech to try to find the aircraft.

And he believes he has found the Boeing 777, belonging to Malaysian Airlines, around 1,200 miles west of Perth, Australia.

It crashed with all 239 passengers and crew on board.

Having studied the plane, and the scant details of what happened on the day it went missing, he believes that Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah had “political motive”, The Times reports.

He also claimed that some details are been kept a secret by Malaysian leaders.

The pilot was known to be friend of Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, who was sentenced to five years in jail on sodomy charges the day before the flight.

Referencing a 22-minute holding pattern which has baffled aviation experts the entire time, he said: “My current view is that the captain hijacked and diverted his own plane.

“Whether that was sufficient to drive Zaharie to hold his passengers hostage is pure speculation, and I have no evidence for that.

“Maybe somehow that negotiation went wrong and he ends up flying to the remotest part of the southern Indian Ocean.

“To me, it is clear there is still certain information being withheld, principally by the Malaysian government.”

Evidence was later discovered that the pilot had “preplanned” the route, which could add fuel to Mr Godfrey's hijacking claims.

According to the expert, who lives in Germany, the wreckage is around 13,000ft below the surface of the ocean, in an area called the Broken Ridge.

He claims that he is “very confident” of having found the crash site, which was not part of the original 2015 search area.

Since the day it disappeared, around 33 pieces of debris from the plane have been spotted across six countries, but the full wreckage has never been found.

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