Met Office explains ‘silent lightning’ as storms and thunder predicted this week

The Met Office has released an explanation for sightings of "silent lightning" as worried onlookers took to social media after witnessing the strange phenomenon.

Parts of the UK witnessed "silent lightning" on Monday night, and more storms are to follow.

Many people questioned the sighting as they heard rumbles of thunder and strikes of lightning.

Those in Merseyside witnessed the strange weather phenomenon at the start of the week.

The sky in many parts of the North West was lit up by sharp flashes of lightning but was bizarrely not followed by any thunder.

People on social media recorded the storm, that lasted for over an hour, but were surprised by how quiet it was.

Twitter users began describing the storm as "silent lighting" with the unique experience leaving many unsettled.

Photographer Paul Madden took this amazing picture of lightning striking Liverpool city centre while in Seacombe, reports Liverpool Echo.

Despite people asking whether it was safe and if they should be more concerned about it than other storms, the Met Office confirmed there was nothing out of the ordinary about the lightning.

Speaking to the Mirror Online, a spokesperson said that the "silent lighting" was simply caused by the rule of physics.

Nicola Maxey, for the Met Office, said: "It's not an unusual phenomenon. Light travels further than sound.

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"You sometimes see the lightning flash but you are too far away to hear the thunder."

An amazing image captured by Paul Madden shows just how close the lightning got to the city.

He managed to grab an incredible picture of lightning striking the Alexandra Tower on Liverpool's waterfront from across the Mersey in Seacombe.

But despite the Met Office reassurance that the lightning was not out of the ordinary, people should still take care if out and about during a storm.

In June, when parks of Merseyside were flooded during a huge thunder and lightning storm, a house burst into flames after being struck.

The home on Barnston Road, in Wirral, was left with serious damage when a fork of lightning hit the home.

Images taken at the scene show three fire engines and multiple police cars guarding the house.

Extensive damage has been caused to the roof of the property and an attached garage.

The yellow weather warning is in force until Thursday, with forecasters saying the location of the storms is "significantly uncertain."

The Met Office forecast for the North West said: "Showers and thunderstorms diminishing in the afternoon as sunny spells develop. Very warm and muggy. Winds will be light.

"Showers and thunderstorms redeveloping in the evening then diminishing during the overnight. It will continue warm and muggy. The winds will be light.

"On Wednesday there is the chance of an early shower. Sunny spells develop in the afternoon lengthening as the day goes on. Very warm and muggy. Light Winds will continue."

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