Meghan may regret Oprah interview built on revenge as shes burnt bridges

Meghan Markle may live to regret "lashing out" to Oprah Winfrey as it "burnt bridges", royal commentators have said.

The Sussexes laid bare their differences with the Royal Family to Oprah in March and lifted the lid on the life of the Windsors in a way that had rarely been done before.

Prince Harry was critical of his upbringing as a royal living life in the limelight and spoke of wanting to break the chain by allowing his children to grow up out of the spotlight in California.

While Meghan complained of a lack of support, how she felt isolated, and even alleged racism – claiming that someone had asked her what colour skin her first child would be.

Now royal commentators, speaking on a Channel 5 programme to celebrate Meghan’s 40th birthday, say she may live to feel she went too far.

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“I think the problem for Meghan was that she was angry, she was upset,” royal author Tom Quinn said on Meghan at 40: The Climb To Power.

“I think that she thought when she entered the Royal Family she could shake them up and they would love it, she would do things Meghan’s way.

"When that didn’t happen and she came up against what she saw as the forces of reaction it made her so upset that, that interview was her way I think the only way for her to get her revenge and put the case as she saw it.

"But I think later on she will think I shouldn’t have burnt my bridges to that extent."

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It is a view shared by royal pundit Ashley Pearson. She said: “Some people might wonder whether or not Meghan may live to regret all of the revelations in the Oprah interview.

"Oprah herself said afterwards that she was surprised that Meghan said some of the things that she did”

With Harry now living far away from his family in the UK and Meghan also not seeing some of her relatives, Emily Andrews feels that they may start to feel isolated.

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She said: "Don't forget that the only member of her family that she (Meghan) sees is her mother Doria.

"She doesn’t see any of her father’s family and Archie and Lilibet will grow up without seeing any of their cousins. I think she may regret being quite so public with that Oprah interview because that is there for posterity.”

It comes as Harry revealed he would be releasing a tell-all memoir about his life to date.

Meghan at 40: The Climb To Power airs at 9.30pm on Saturday night (July 24) on Channel 5.

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