Meghan Markle hitting her stride at 40, expert claims, after brutal 20s

Meghan Markle's 40th birthday could kickstart her "most powerful decade to date," a royal writer claims.

The former actress celebrates her big day as a mother-of-two and wife to a prince but if her heroes are anything to go by, Meghan is just getting started.

Life for the Duchess of Sussex looks a fair bit different from her last milestone of turning 30 when she had just swapped working as a briefcase model on America's Deal or No Deal, for a major role in TV drama Suits.

But despite everything she has done and achieved since her "brutal" 20s, by the time Meghan hits the big 5-0 there is a good chance of plenty more accomplishments being under her belt.

Writing in a blog called The Tig on her 33rd birthday in 2014 Meghan said: "I am 33-years-old today. And I am happy. And I say that so plainly because, well… it takes time. To be happy. To figure out how to be kind to yourself. To not just choose that happiness, but to feel it."

"I must have been about 24 when a casting director looked at me during an audition and said: ‘You need to know that you’re enough. Less make-up, more Meghan’.”

The site which was shut down in 2017 when her relationship with Prince Harry was revealed.

Meghan continued: "My 20s were brutal – a constant battle with myself, judging my weight, my style, my desire to be as cool/as hip/as smart/as 'whatever' as everyone else."

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She added: "My teens were even worse – grappling with how to fit in, and what that even meant.

"My high school had cliques: the black girls and white girls, the Filipino and the Latina girls.

"Being biracial, I fell somewhere in between."

Reflecting on her 20s, Meghan has since married and divorced her husband of two years, Trevor Engelson, and become one of the most famous women in the world, thanks to joining and then stepping back as a senior member of the Royal Family.

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Writing for The Telegraph, Associate Editor Camilla Tominey said: "On the verge of entering what could prove to be her most powerful decade to date, the next 10 years will no doubt be pivotal for the mother of two as she continues to build on her career outside The Firm.

"Having successfully distanced herself from all the things that could have held her back, from her estranged father Thomas Markle Snr to the stuffy institution of monarchy, the American former actress has got everything she ever dreamed of.

"Meghan is entering the second act of her life with her world at her feet."

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It was not until the likes of Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, and Hillary Clinton – all of whom Meghan looks up to – entered their 40s that they truly got into their stride.

Ms Tominey added: "At 40, women generally either find themselves in survival mode or thriving. And it seems Meghan, the first of the so-called 'Fab Four' to mark the milestone, one that her husband won’t celebrate until 2024, is determined to do the latter."

But as they settle into life in the US and continue to make plans for their new Archewell Foundation, the world is waiting to see what Meghan might do next.

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