Meghan Markle fans slam Kate Middleton for copying her in birthday pics

Kate Middleton has been accused of "copying" Meghan Markle by her fans after the Duchess of Sussex was earlier blasted for breaking royal protocol for wearing a similar dress.

The Duchess Of Cambridge shared photographs wearing an off-the-shoulder dress to mark her 40th birthday on Sunday but the images sparked fury among fans of the Duchess of Sussex.

Meghan wore a off-the-shoulder dress during Trooping the Colour at Buckingham Palace in 2018 and was blasted over allegedly breaching royal protocol.

At the time, royal fans called the dress “inappropriate” as the Sun reported that “royal women do not wear off-shoulder or other more revealing styles."

Kate was mostly hailed for the portraits, taken by renowned fashion photographer Paolo Roversi.

The image that caught most people’s attention was Kate in the red Alexander McQueen dress with earrings loaned by the Queen as she appears to have her hands casually in the gown’s pockets.

Kate has been widely praised for the photographs, which will be added to a collection at the National Portrait Gallery, but this caused outrage from Meghan’s fans for the criticism she got for her off-the-shoulder dress.

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Fans were also quick to point out the dress had pockets, which Meghan was known to prefer with her dresses.

One fan tweeted: “Oh, is that Kate Middleton wearing a vulgar off-the-shoulder dress? And there's me thinking only Meghan broke royal protocol like that!"

While another wrote: “I completely don't understand new photos of Kate Middleton for her 40 years old because she mentioned Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth and copying Meghan Markle by wearing pocket dress when everyone was so rude about Meghan Markle wearing pocket dress.”

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Another Twitter user added: “The obsession with being Meghan is ridiculous, copying the red dress has become an obsession and the hands in pockets.”

Although Kate has been accused by Meghan’s fans of copying the Duchess of Sussex, a royal expert believes the photoshoot shows the Duchess of Cambridge is finally launching “brand Kate” and shows “a desire to avoid stealing the spotlight”.

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Speaking to the Express, body language expert Judi James said: “The photo in the red dress shows a woman finally happy and confident to look us straight in the eye and engage on a more personal and direct way.

"It suggests Kate finally ‘gets it’ that she is liked, admired and even loved by royal fans in her own right rather than just as a wife to William and mother to their three children."

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