Massive dilemma facing McCann family after Maddie prime suspect named

A resolution to the Madeleine McCann case could prove to be difficult for Madeleine's parents Kate and Gerry, a former UK police officer has said.

The investigation into Madeleine's disappearance took a new turn lately after Portuguese authorities named convicted child sexual abuser Christian B as a prime suspect.

Christian B, who is currently in prison for other crimes, had previously been named as a prime suspect by German public prosecutors working on the case.

But despite being potentially another step towards a resolution to Madeleine McCann's story, the news could present a "dreadful dilemma" to Madeleine's parents, a former police officer has said.

Charlie Hedges was previously head of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection unit at the National Crime Agency, and spoke of how a resolution to the case could also be very difficult for Kate and Gerry McCann.

He told the Express: “It’s one of those massive dilemmas for parents in these situations.

"As long as Madeleine or whoever is missing, is not found, they can hang on to the hope that she will one day be found, because it does happen occasionally – it’s very, very rare, but it does happen.

“They will always hang onto that hope even if it's an unrealistic hope. They will always want to believe that maybe she'll just pop up.”

He added: “There’s a dilemma [in] that they don't want him to have done it because that then cancels out the chances of finding her – they know, finally, that she's dead. So they’re caught in this dreadful dilemma."

Despite the very long odds, as long as Madeleine remains missing then her parents will be able to hold out some hope, no matter how small, of being reunited with their missing daughter.

A resolution to the case could finally dash the hopes that they have been clinging to since their daughter went missing some fifteen years ago.

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