Man shows fake leg to woman after ‘not looking disabled enough’ for parking spot

An enraged man was forced to prove he was disabled after being questioned by an elderly woman about using a parking spot outside a McDonald's restaurant.

Social worker Paniora Nukunuku, from Australia, said the woman asked to see the disability parking permit because he didn't "look disabled enough".

Posting on his TikTok account @pnuks, he shares his frustration and says: "Obviously, you can’t see my disability if I’m in the car.

"So please tell me why this old lady thought it would be a great idea to approach me and knock on my window and demand to know whether this is mine or not?"

He shows the disability badge to the camera and adds: "Even if someone doesn’t look old or doesn’t look disabled enough, if they have this, you shut your mouth, and you walk away."

In a separate clip, Paniora follows the woman into McDonalds and confronts her by showing her his prosthetic leg.

She repeatedly insists that she had a right to ask why he qualified for the space while Paniora shouts over her.

"I desperately need it, and there have been times …," she tells him before he interrupts her with a tirade that ends with: "Don’t ever do that again!

"Is it because I don't look disabled? Is it because I don't look old that you want to approach me?"

The social worker later explained that he had reported the woman to the police but the police said they could not help as the woman had not committed any crime.

Despite admitting that it was the first time he had been confronted to prove his right to park in a disabled spot, Paniora said: "This is why Boomers suck. Because for some reason, old people are the only group of people that can be disabled people."

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