Man cut in half by forklift rushed to hospital and battling serious infection

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    A man who was left with life-changing injuries after a horrific incident with a forklift has revealed he is back in hospital just days after talking of his “pain”.

    The tragic workplace accident left Loren Schauers without the bottom half of his body after a forklift fell 50ft off a bridge onto him on September 27, 2019.

    Loren, from Great Falls in Montana, USA, documents his recovery with help from his wife, Sabia Schauers-Reiche.

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    However, their recent posts have been about unhappier times with the latest message revealing Loren is back in hospital with an infection.

    Writing on an Instagram Story yesterday (July 26), Loren said: “Drink water like no other in life. Yet I’m still needing to be put into the E.R (emergency room) for a kidney infection and my body passing a kidney stone.

    “Why does there always have to be some catch?”

    The devastating setback for the couple comes a month after his wife shared an update about his pain.

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    Sabia, 23, wrote on Facebook on June 25: “Just our Sunday check-in with you all.

    “Unfortunately Loren is not having a great day, it's a day with considerable pain so no picture of him today.

    “Not every day can be great and wonderful but being the extraordinary guy he is, he's fighting his way through it all. We love you all!”

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    As always, the couple continue to gain a lot of support for sharing Loren’s recovery online.

    However, Loren and his wife have had to handle evil scammers posing as them on social media.

    The sick trolls have also tried fundraising but the couple have had joy with getting accounts shut down.

    A statement from their official account this month was released thanked their fans as they dealt with burner accounts and backup bots taking over Facebook.

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    They wrote: "As several of you have mentioned by now it looks like we've been a little too enthusiastic about the fake account being removed.

    "I'm assuming many of you can still see the fake page and if you feel like it please keep reporting and commenting until you get blocked too."

    As of writing this, there has been no update on Loren’s condition.

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