Man cut in half by forklift poses by machine and asks what can he do in world

The man cut in half by a forklift in a horror accident has posed with the "original" machine and questioned what he can now go on to do.

A recent Instagram post from Loren Schauers, from Great Falls, Montana in the United States, showed him next to a forklift after he questioned what he can "do in this world".

Loren, 21, had been working on a bridge in September 2019 when he fell 50ft and was crushed by the forklift he was operating, severing his forearm and crushing his lower body.

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He has since posed with a forklift and wrote the "original forklift".

Pictured next to the Rada forklift, Loren captioned the Instagram story: "What is there for a man like me to do in this world?"

Since his accident, Loren has been documenting his recovery.

Living with the assistance of his wife, Sabia Reiche, 23, Loren has lived without his legs and right forearm for the last three years.

His recovery, documented on their YouTube channel and social media posts, has seen Loren receive a utility tank to help him get around, and more recently, deal with horror infection.

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Loren was rushed to hospital late last month and has since released a defiant health update regarding his stay and kidney infection.

He wrote: "Drink water like no other in life. Yet I’m still needing to be put into the E.R (emergency room) for a kidney infection and my body passing a kidney stone."

The Daily Star previously reported Loren had recovered from his hospital trip and was seen out and about with Sabia as commenters poured in with heartfelt messages.

One wrote: "Good to see you both, hoping your [sic] both doing okay".

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