Man clings onto sheer cliff face after getting injured in horror 2,000ft fall

Heart-stopping video has emerged showing a climber clinging onto cliff face after getting injured during a fall.

The solo adventurer had spent a night in the cold when he went unprepared hiking at the Zion and Kolob canyon at the national park in Utah, US, over the weekend.

The climber was seen stranded at a dangerous position when he got trapped thousands of feet above ground – with a sheer drop below him.

Rescuers from Utah Department of Public Safety Aero Bureau posted a video on Instagram showing their team member abseiling to the injured hiker, who barely manages to hold himself up at the odd landscape.

The expert reaches the man and hands him a safety harness before hoisting him up to the helicopter.

"We fly everyday, but today took us to Zion and Kolob canyon," the rescue team wrote on the post.

"A solo climber fell sustaining multiple injuries. First photo you can him in the centre on the cliff face.

"He spent the night there cold, injured, unprepared. Please plan ahead before you go out. Shout out to the park rangers who located him and guided us in.

"A quick pick and a short flight later the victim is safe at the LZ."

Viewers praised the team for bringing the man to safety, one who claimed to be a family friend of the hiker wrote: "He's a nice guy, thank you so much for rescuing him."

"The accuracy of putting the cable down to him is awesome!" a second commented and a third added: "You guys are 'rock' stars. Keep up the good work."

The Kolob canyon at Zion National Park has canyon streams and cascading falls reaching 2,000ft high, and over 20 miles of hiking trails.

Last month, a Brit solo camping enthusiast became an "accidental raver" when his spot on an isolated moor was crashed by illegal ravers — but thought he was about to be killed when he first heard noises.

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