Man built apocalyptic coronavirus self-isolation bunker 5 years before pandemic

A man prepared for coronavirus self-isolation five years ago, building a jaw-dropping steel bunker in his back garden.

Colin Furze, 41, began building the bunker in his back garden in Lincolnshire in 2015.

In a video posted to his Inventor YouTube channel, Colin has shown his self-isolating followers around the state of the art bunker.

He reveals the entrance to the bunker is hidden inside a normal-looking garden shed at the bottom of his garden, which has a secret hatch on the floor.

The space comes complete with a make-shift kitchen, Sky TV, a bed, a microwave, a sink and a drum kit – the perfect place to self-isolate in these uncertain times.

In the video, Furze opens the hatch and flicks a switch which turns on several lights below, allowing him to climb down a stainless steel ladder.

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He then goes on to say he had to have his "whole garden" quarried out to build the 24ft long by 16ft wide emergency bunker.

As well as the essentials, the bunker is home to all of his inventions, including the world's fastest mobility scooter and a drivable hot tub car.

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Of the nifty bunker, he said it is the "ultimate underground Apocalyptic bunker" and "wouldn't choose to make it any other way" should he get the opportunity to.

Furze said: "I have slept down here when we had this heatwave but I wouldn’t want to live down if here if I didn’t have to, mainly because it doesn’t have windows.

"After five years it is just as solid as the day it was built.

"I encourage anyone, if you have the space and the money, to build one as it’s a fantastic room to have, especially with the way things are in the world at the moment, I’m pretty glad I’ve got it."

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