Major adult sites blocked in France if users cant prove users are over 18

Anyone under the aged of 18 from looking at porn online in France – and those over that age will have to prove it before they can access it.

Five of the world's major porn sites will be banned from tomorrow, unless new protective measures are introduced.

Pornhub, xHamster, XVideos, XNXX and Tukif have been given until the end of today to sort themselves out, or face a ban imposed upon them.

Although no punishment for users has yet been made, it is being put upon the sites themselves to act.

The move was done by the country's Higher Audiovisual Council, and it hit out at the site's “current tactic of simply asking users to fill out a check-box stating they are over 18”.

A spokesman said: “It is not satisfactory and they are breaking the law by failing to introduce better controls.

“Children faced by such content can suffer lasting shock at the very least.”

The organisations has told the sites that they have to force users to provide “some form of verifiable identity document”, or other personal information.

This could include bank accounts, credit cards or mobile phone contracts.

Director of the child safety association e-Enfance, Justine Atlan said: “It is important to put pornography sites under pressure so they cannot continue to flout the legal framework to which they have themselves agreed.

“The protection of children online is in no way contradictory to individual freedoms.”

However, Pornhub hit back, arguing that checks such as these would hamper user's privacy, and claims that it has “dedicated itself to developing industry-leading safeguards for the protection of its community”.

A spokesman for the site added: “'French regulators should strive to emulate that commitment, rather than implementing plans that infringe upon the privacy of adults and leave large areas of the adult industry completely unchecked.”

Similar moves could be made in the UK, should the Online Safety Bill pass through parliament.

It has, so far, only reached the committee stage, and awaits a Government response at some point in the next two months.

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