Macron warned: France division to spiral out of control amidst Police brutality outrage

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Emmanuel Macron has been accused of having “tilted to the right” to please voters because of his failure to contain Police amidst repeated claims of brutality against citizens in the past few months. Footage released earlier this week sparked France’s fury after a Paris music producer claimed to have been attacked by Police officers after rushing into his studio to avoid a fine for not wearing a face mask. The release of the video comes as President Macron faces further public backlash across France due to a proposed security law that would forbid people to share or broadcast images of the Police.

France Inter host Pierre Haski said: “We are in a very special moment in France.

“The Government is trying to push for a security law which is raising lots of concerns, lots of opposition.

“And all of a sudden, you have in the same week two incidents of Police violence which are really creating a political problem.

“You have different interpretations, some think President Macron has allowed his minister of interior to give the Police a free hand because he wants to gain votes on the right.”

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Mr Haski continued: “I think it might also be a problem of incompetence, that the authorities in charge of controlling the Police, who are commanding the Police, are just incompetent.

“And the Police feel they have a free hand because there’s not the political reigning in that is needed in situations like that. I think that’s a very, very difficult political moment.

“If there’s no solution, it might get worse.”

CCTV video from the music studio purportedly shows at least four members of Paris Police beating the producer Michel Zecler after having followed him into the building after allegedly spotting him outside without a mask on.

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French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said on Thursday the officers would be sanctioned if the alleged wrongdoing was confirmed.

The four men involved in the investigation were temporarily suspended after the release of the footage and gave their version of the events at a hearing on Friday.

Investigators from the General Inspectorate of the National Police (IGPN)have now opened new proceedings for “violence by persons holding public authority” and “forgery in public writing”.

President Macron reacted to the footage condemning all types of racism and said the claims of police brutality “shame” the whole of France.


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Writing on Twitter, the French President said: “The images we have all seen of Michel Zecler’s assault are unacceptable. They shame us.

“France must never resolve to violence or brutality, wherever they come from. France must never allow hatred or racism to flourish.

“I believe in the exemplary Republic: exemplary police with the French, exemplary French with the police as with all representatives of public authority.”

He added: “Exemplary French people with the police. I will never accept the violence perpetrated against our police and our gendarmes, all those who wear the uniform.

“Exemplary law enforcement agencies. Those who enforce the law must obey the law. I will never accept that the gratuitous violence of a few taints the professionalism of the women and men who courageously ensure our protection on a daily basis.

“I ask the Government to quickly make proposals to me to reaffirm the bond of trust that must naturally exist between the French and those who protect them and to fight more effectively against all forms of discrimination.”

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