Macron branded narcissist who drove voters to extremes as hes left with no majority

Macron's Presidency 'might be short run' says Jason Miller

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Author Jonathan Miller said French President Emmanuel Macron was “incapable of uniting his country” and had in fact divided it after after the elections delivered a fragmented parliament that leaves it at risk of paralysis. He said the elections had left Mr Macron “perilously fragile” and France “more divided and ungovernable than ever”.

Doubt hangs over Mr Macron’s ability to rule decisively after weekend elections delivered a hung parliament.

Sunday’s second-round vote left Ensemble as the biggest party, with a fledgling leftwing alliance in second place, the far-right stronger than ever and the conservatives as potential king-makers.

The loss of his Ensemble alliance’s absolute majority is a painful setback for Mr Macron, who won a second term in April.

French governments have long been used to having a lower house of parliament that shares their political line and largely rubber-stamps proposals.

Writing for the Daily Mail, Mr Miller said: “This election shows Macron has not only been incapable of uniting the country, he bears heavy responsibility for dividing it.

“His narcissism, lack of empathy with ordinary people and intellectual arrogance have undermined his ambition to reform an economically sclerotic and socially unsettled France, with a pro-business program of pension reform and raising the retirement age.

“The self-professed centrist has revived extremists Right and Left.

“The French parliament have left the president perilously fragile and France more divided and ungovernable than ever.

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“He has not just failed to unite France, but has pushed its politics to dangerous extremes — and enabled the resurgence of far-Left politics under a leader who resembles nothing so much as a Gallic Jeremy Corbyn.”

Final figures showed Mr Macron’s centrist camp won 245 seats – well below the 289 needed for an absolute majority, Nupes 131, the far-right 89 and Les Republicains 61.

Mr Macron now needs either to form a wider coalition or accept leading a minority government that negotiates with opponents on a bill-by-bill basis.

One key question is whether Mr Macron will try to strike a coalition deal with the conservative Les Republicains – who have for now rejected that option – or enter into messy negotiations with lawmakers on a bill-by-bill basis.

It comes as Macron’s Elysee office confirmed the French leader had rejected the Prime Minister’s offer to resign in the wake of this weekend’s parliament election result.

Senior hard left and far right figures have demanded Elisabeth Borne resign after just over a month in office.

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