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Newsworthy legislators

Why don’t you comment on real-action congressional heroes making news instead of giving Rep. Lauren Boebert space? There is Rep. Dianna DeGette, representing Colorado’s 1st District, who stayed in Washington, D.C., after Trump’s failed coup attempt on Jan. 6. to put forth articles of impeachment. Or why don’t you talk about Rep. Joaquin Castro of Texas, who is working on legislation prohibiting Trump’s name from appearing on any federal building or agency in order to not make a monument in his name? Or how about Rep. Andy Kim of New Jersey, who, after ratifying Joe Biden’s presidential win, in the wee hours of the morning on Jan. 7, spent time on his knees in the U.S. Capitol picking up trash that Trump’s henchmen left behind. Let’s talk about our heroes and how they are moving this country forward during this dark time, not those who intend to denigrate it!

Rhonda S. Valdez, Lakewood

Education of girls improves societies

Girls around the world are kept out of school and, thus, out if opportunities for jobs. Pushing for the education of girls allows for women to be put in leadership positions in government. Research has shown that political representation of women promotes democracy and the stability of nations as well as decreases corruption levels.

More women in politics often cause higher standards of living and more cooperation across party lines. Ensuring the education for women and allowing them to go into jobs and trades and represent their nations through politics reduces violence against women and child marriages by a dramatic amount.

I urge our political leaders in Colorado to support the Girls LEAD Act in Congress. This act will increase girl’s participation in democracy, human rights, and governance. It will focus on removing barriers to women in politics and will ensure the engagement of participants under the age of 18.

I would like to thank Rep. Diana DeGette for co-sponsoring the Keep Girls in School Act, which passed in the House in January 2020, and I hope she will decide to cosponsor this as well.

Marisa Jones, Denver

Choice empowering

Students should always feel heard and valued by their school. That’s why families must have the option to choose a school that meets their child’s needs.

My son Xavier was bullied by his peers and overlooked by adults at our local brick-and-mortar school. Xavier has the biggest heart, but he is often misunderstood becasue of his disabilities. As a parent, it broke my heart to see him upset that he didn’t understand why he was being treated badly. My concerns went unheard at the school, and I felt powerless.

Thankfully, I still had the power to choose, and I enrolled him in an online school.

He’s been in online school for two years now, and with the support the school provides, he’s less anxious and has overcome his struggle of learning to read.

One of his teachers, Ms. Baker, took the time to understand his special needs and personality. With Xavier in school at home, I see his interactions with teachers and students, which helped restore my trust in his education.

We can all do our part to continue to protect school choice. Our state deserves an education system that serves everyone. The future of our children’s happiness and health depend on it.

Angel Martinez, Northglenn

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