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Lies about election fraud threaten our democracy

Wednesday is a day that will also “live in infamy” in the history of our great country, courtesy of a group of Republican Senators and Representatives who have demonstrated by their actions that they could care less about our Constitution or the people who elected them. They are willing to shame themselves to satisfy the wishes of a corrupt man who has disgraced and debased our country in every way he could.

This quote from Abraham Lincoln entails what our country is all about, and what we all, as Americans, should embrace and be ready to fight for:

“We the People are the rightful masters of both Congress and the Courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who would pervert the Constitution.”

May God save and keep our country like the beacon of hope and light that has brought to its shores all those seeking freedom and a better life for themselves and their families.

Carmen C. Gorgas, Denver

President Trump lit the fire by claiming that the election was stolen from him and encouraging his supporters to keep fighting for him.

Republicans added dry wood by supporting the president’s lies and challenging the certified results of the election.

Evacuated from the House and Senate chambers clutching gas masks, those Republicans complained about getting burned?


Mark Vanderbrook, Morrison

It is an American right to peacefully protest governmental injustice. However, witnessing mobs attacking our nation’s Capitol building in the deluded belief that they could overturn a lawfully conducted national election is appalling. That the president of the United States incited these extremists to storm the Capitol and violently resist lawful authority is no less than sedition. Trump needs to be arrested for crimes against the United States at most, and impeached at the very least.

Christopher Ogden, Aurora

I feel so powerless. Isn’t there anything that can be done to stop it? He is committing treason. He is committing sedition.

Isn’t there a constitutional way to stop him? Doesn’t our government, our constitution provide a way to stop this madness, truly, insanity?

His lying about the invalidity of our election (among his many other lies) is seditious. It is destroying our democracy, our country.

Even if he doesn’t remain in power, the long term damage is done. We may never recover from it. Our democracy may not survive.

Can’t anything be done to stop him? I feel so powerless.

Jill Lewis, Westminster

Grateful for Floyd Little

Re: “ ‘Hero of the game’ ” Jan 3. news obituary

Floyd Little was the best first-round choice ever drafted by the Broncos. Denver picks in the AFL draft days — Merlin Olson, Kermit Alexander and Dick Butkus — went to the NFL. That alone made him a hero in my eyes after watching Little play for Syracuse as a three-time All-American.

I will always contend that had Little signed with a better team he would have set running records that Emmitt Smith would have been chasing.

I attended the last game at Mile High Stadium — “Say Goodbye to Mile High.” My sister went with me and I took my “Bronco Bible” with me, hoping to get Little’s autograph. I told my sister I would walk right past John Elway to get Little’s autograph. Finally, I had my chance and I had him sign the page with his rookie card on it.

That will always be my most cherished autograph.

Thor Johnson, Brush

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