Lazy prisoners binge-watch daytime TV just like teenagers

Lazy lags are binge-watching daytime TV just like teenagers, the chief inspector of prisons has revealed.

Charlie Taylor said some prisons let inmates stay in their cells for up to 20 hours a day watching the box because it stops them getting violent.

Many governors had failed to introduce a 9am to 5pm work style routine following Covid, and were choosing the easy option of letting them stew in their cells, he said.

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Mr Taylor said that although some jails were short-staffed, prison chiefs should get lags back to work or in education to help them for when they are released.

He added: "A lot of prisoners are completely out of the habit of getting up and going to work. It’s a bit like teenagers.

"If you allow them to sit around watching daytime TV, they maintain that option. Prisoners are out of the habit, but I think jails are also out of the habit of running a proper regime."

He said that prison workshops are deserted and gardens overgrown.

Before the pandemic, convicts would have spent two or three hours in the morning developing or practising new skills then two hours in their cell before one-and-a-half hours exercising.

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Mr Taylor claimed that without skills cons could re-offend.

He said: "It feels as if the regimes are run expediently for the prison, rather than in the interest of prisoners. They will create fewer victims if they come out and work."

Earlier this month, meanwhile, The Star reported how a female lag urged fellow lags to request a move to East Sutton Park jail, saying it’s "lovely" and like staying in a manor house.

The woman, calling herself only T Hayes, said that the open prison in Kent – home to around 100 women – was stunning.

She said there were herds of horses in the 84-acre grounds, and that inmates could go for "country walks" by a lake in the grounds in the evening, as well as tucking into "great food".


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