Lazy DPD driver caught on camera throwing parcel at door from garden gate

A woman was shocked when she watched CCTV to find a delivery driver throwing her parcel and a slip at her door — without knocking the door.

Jorja Hunt, 24, had ordered a box of meal deal kit from HelloFresh and she was expecting it to be delivered at around 7.55am and 8.55am on Wednesday (June 8).

While she was out, she received a notification on her phone showing a motion alert from her security camera at the front door.

In the video she shared, a man in red uniform stops in front of Jorja's gate, scans the package and immediately throws it at her door.

He takes a quick snap of the package as "proof of delivery", chucks a delivery slip in the air and returns to his car.

Jorja told Wales Online: "I got a notification on my phone at 8.08am that someone was at my door and I saw the video.

"I was expecting to be home for the delivery but I'd had to go out briefly… fortunately, my neighbours saw the package on the floor and took it in for me, but the delivery man just threw it there and left it.

"He didn't even knock."

She said the parcel was not damaged thanks to the meal kit's secured packaging, but she feared that the delivery driver could damage other people's valuable parcels.

A spokesperson for DPD said: "At DPD, we take customer service and the behaviour of our people very seriously indeed.

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"Clearly, the behaviour here falls a long way short of what we expect from our drivers.

"We are carrying out a full investigation and will take actions, as appropriate.

"We will also be making a full apology to the customer."

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