Lamborghini abandoned as dozy driver smashes into building – causing blackout

A supercar worth a staggering £250,000 was left abandoned after it’s bumbling driver smashed into a building and caused a power cut.

The luxury motor, a Lamborghini Huracan, was crashed into a electric substation leaving residents inside with no power.

The quarter-of-a-million pound set of wheels smashed head on into the power supply in the Spanish city of Huelva

The supercar was just eight months old when the dozy driver crashed it.

And the genius behind the wheel abandoned the car and fled the scene before emergency services could arrive.

Worth a reported £237,688, the Lamborghini has a top speed of 202mph and runs with a 639 CV engine.

Local reports claim that the hopeless driver caused a temporary power cut after the crash.

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The bright green Lamborghini was left with shattered windows and a smashed bonnet.

Its wheels were also buckled and it was left hanging out of the power station.

Police were called but the driver had already fled by the time they arrived.

But detectives found two people in the Juan Ramon Jimenez Hospital who reportedly admitted to being in the Lamborghini Huracan at the time of the accident.

Both suffering from minor injuries, the pair told the police that they were lent the supercar by a pal.

They have both since been charged for reckless driving, according to local reports.

Meanwhile, the Lamborghini owner, whose name and age have not been not disclosed, has reportedly given a statement to the local authorities about the incident.

It is still unclear why the owner lent the supercar to the two men, and how they managed to lose control and crash it into the building.

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