Lads shout f***ing muppet as they ram car into house 3 times while filming it

A brazen driver was filmed repeatedly reversing and smashing into a house while laughing with his passenger.

Video widely shared online shows a man with a Liverpool accent yelling inside a car as it revs and reverses multiple times into the front of a house.

The driver can be heard discussing with a passenger which house will be the target of the crash, asking: "Which one is it?"

Another person replies: "Reverse, it's that one there. This one."

After seemingly discovering which house it is, one of the men can be heard saying "get on the grass here" and then telling the driver to reverse.

The passenger then says "go ed lad" as the car mounts the curb in reverse and drives over the front garden of a home, crashing into the front of it .

When the car first hits, the window of the house shatters and part of the wall is damaged, with bricks falling to the floor.

The driver then continues to crash into the house three more times, causing more damage.

One of the passengers is then heard laughing and saying: "F***ing muppet, have a bowl of that lad."

The driver is then encouraged to "do it one more time" before the car then flees the scene.

It is not yet clear when or where the incident happened, however Merseyside police has asked anyone with information to contact them, reported Liverpool Echo.

The video came after another incident was reported when a black BMW X5 drove into a car and was then pushed into the front of a house.

It is not yet known if the two incidents are related.

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Merseyside Police said they received reports from a home on Heartwood Close in Orrell Park that a black BMW X5 had driven into their car and pushed into the front of the house at around 10.30pm on Monday (October 25).

It is thought that the home was incorrectly targeted in an attack. Nobody was injured.

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