Labrador dies after swimming at UK beach sparking fears sea could kill kids

A young Labrador was put down after swimming in the sea left it lying in her own vomit and faeces.

Winnie's devastated owner Matt Waterhouse, 46, blames something in the sea for his pet's sudden deterioration.

Matt wants to warn not only fellow dog walkers in Studland, Dorset about the potential dangers that lie in the water but parents and elderly swimmers too.

He said: "What happened to us was very sad, it’s hit us like a train, God forbid it happens to a child or an elderly swimmer.

"If this can help someone it means my dog didn’t die in vain."

Winnie who was just two years old was not the only one to come out of the sea this summer feeling under the weather.

According to Matt, he and his partner Julie spent a couple of hours at the beach but after taking a dip, both Winnie and Julie felt pretty rough.

Winnie's grumbly tummy that same evening turned into her being unable to move from the floor at home, surrounded by sick and poo, DorsetEcho reports.

Matt said: "My other half took her for her morning walk and went to work.

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"When she got back, she phoned me and said, ‘you need to come home now’. The dog was led on the kitchen floor covered in faeces and vomit.

"We got her to the vets and they put her on IV. The next morning we got a phone call that the dog was up in her feet and we thought we were out the woods."

But it turned out Winnie had a deadly intestinal bug.

"The vet then phoned me and said we had two options, we could look at blood transfusion or do the kindest thing and help her on her way. And she was put to sleep," Matt continued.

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"Dogs are part of the family, I don’t want someone else to go through what we’ve been through."

Matt says he is concerned Winnie will not be the last fatality as a result of swimming in the section of water on the south coast.

A spokesperson for the Environment Agency said the results of their bathing water sample checks were "excellent" and there were no sewage spills on or before the day Matt went to the beach, DorsetEcho reports.

They added: "Knowing more about water quality can help beachgoers decide when and where to go. We encourage everyone to make checking our bathing water quality website part of their routine before making a trip.

"If anyone sees pollution in rivers or the sea and has any concerns contact our incident hotline on 0800 807060."

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