Kremlin in chaos with cracks showing in Putins regime after Ukraine shambles

The Kremlin could be in turmoil with a series of blows to the Vladimir Putin administration amid their invasion of Ukraine.

From generals killed in battle to the slow advances of Russian military forces, speculation over just how well the war is going for Putin's forces is debatable.

Reports suggest that the Russian President is furious at the series of Russian failures, while The Kremlin has denied reports that they asked China for weapons to help in the war.

Invading forces have barely moved after a series of intense airstrikes on Ukrainian cities and a "hit squad" sent to kill Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy have failed in their mission.

The foiled assassination attempt, reported by The Mirror, was one of many failures for the stalled invasion of Ukraine, with reports of heavy military losses, a coup against Putin and the alleged arrest of Russia's intelligence branch now mounting.

Andrei Soldatov, a leading Russian investigative journalist said "everything now seems possible" in response to whether or not Putin could be toppled in a coup masterminded by his own senior generals and Federal Security Branch (FSB) agents.

Soldatov said: "Obviously, everything now seems to be possible, but we need to remember that Putin is a trained KGB officer.

"He is well aware of risks to his personal security and safety and he has not one but two security services."

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Reports also indicate that Russia's intelligence branch head Sergey Beseda and deputy Anatoly Bolyukh have been arrested.

Exiled human rights activist Vladimir Osechkin confirmed the arrests, which were carried out soon after Russia finally admitted to losing its first military intelligence officer during the war with Ukraine, Captain Alexey Glushchak.

Other Russian personnel have died in the war with Ukraine, with General Andrei Kolesnikov the latest Russian general to die in the invasion of Ukraine.

Major-General Andrey Sukhovetsky is said to have been killed by a sniper during a special operation in Ukraine, and was the first high profile Russian military figure to die in the invasion.

Reports suggest that 12,000 Russian troops have been killed, with 303 tanks, 48 warplanes, 80 helicopters and over 1,000 armoured personnel carriers either destroyed or stolen by defending Ukrainians.

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