Kim Jong-un bombshell: North Korean leader calls for ‘80-Day Battle’ in rare warning

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The economy has battled against the impacts from typhoons and sanctions in recent months. North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un has demanded a “80-day battle” during a meeting with the Workers’ Party.

The productivity campaign is the first of its kind in four years to channel workers and resources to major projects in the country.

In a report from the meeting, Mr Kim said: “We have performed historical feats with our costly efforts, boldly overcoming unprecedentedly grave trials and difficulties this year, but we should not rest on our laurels.”

He added: “We still face the challenges that cannot be overlooked and there are many goals we have to attain within this year.”

In 2016, the North Korean leader made similar remarks about completing projects before a Party Congress.

This year’s campaign is urging for projects to be finished before the next Party Congress in January.

Mr Kim’s regime is said to be laying out a new five-year plan for North Korea’s economy in the unique political gathering.

The regime is also expected to be reshaping the country’s leadership team.

In the report, Mr Kim added: “The remaining days until the Eighth Congress of the Party is the period of year-end struggle and also the last phase of carrying out the five-year strategy for national economic development…so that the entire party and the whole country should wage another all-out campaign.”

According to Fitch Solutions, North Korea is moving into its biggest economic reduction since 1997.

The outbreak of the coronavirus led to the country’s border closures and the typhoons have caused damage to large amounts of crops due to severe flooding.

Mr Kim warned about North Korea’s economy in August.

He told his party leaders that the country “faced unexpected and inevitable challenges in various aspects”.

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Mr Kim also said his development plans were “seriously delayed”.

North Korea’s productivity campaigns redirect workers and resources to what the country’s leaders deem as the most important projects.

It is seen as a quick fix for a country which is dealing with oil, cash and building material shortages and international sanctions due to its nuclear weapons program.

Mr Kim has blasted the people managing the construction of the new Pyongyang General Hospital.

He said they were being “careless” with money and disregardied his party’s policies.

On Monday, vice chairman of the Central Committee of the Worker’s Party, Ri Pyong Chol, was promoted to marshal of the Korean People’s Army.

The chief of the General Staff of the Korean People’s Army, Pak Jong Chon, was also promoted to marshal of North Korea’s military force.

On Saturday, North Korea is celebrating its 75th anniversary of its ruling Worker’s Party.

Mr Kim is reportedly preparing for a military parade which he normally uses to showcase his latest missiles.

North Korea is rumoured to be using the event to reveal new weapons or test-fire a submarine-launched ballistic missile.

The US and North Korea have stalled their nuclear negotiations since last year’s meeting between President Donald Trump and Mr Kim in Vietnam failed to produce an agreement.

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