Killer dumped pal’s body parts in bins inspired by rap song Dead Body Disposal

A rap-inspired killer has been found guilty of shooting a pal dead and cutting his body into six pieces with an electric saw, reports in Tasmania say.

Jack Sandler, 29, was convicted of murder after dumping 24-year-old Jake Anderson-Brettner's remains in residential wheelie bins.

The bouncer's plans to murder his victim in August 2018 were inspired by a rap song by artist Necro called Dead Body Disposal, a court heard.

Sandler was enraged after the apprentice butcher, to whom he gave ecstasy and cocaine, racked up a six-figure debt to drug suppliers in Victoria state, the ABC reported.

After placing the body parts into garbage bags he instructed his now jailed fiancée Gemma Clark to mix "vinegar, pepper, and chili powder together" and pour it inside to mask the smell.

Prosecutors told the Supreme Court in Launceston that he used the odd mix of ingredients after listening to the rap song's lyrics which suggested coating a dead body with pepper spray to "throw off the scent".

Tasmania's Director of Public Prosecutions Daryl Coates SC said: "I'm not suggesting everything he's done is the same as the song, but the major things that have happened are consistent with this song."

Just days after the murder the victim's torso was discovered by police off the Tasman highway near Scottsdale.

Clark was sentenced to five and a half years jail in 2019 for her role as an accessory after the fact.

The court heard the 26-year-old concealed the crime and assisted Sadler in disposing of Mr Anderson-Brettner's torso and other body parts.

Mr Coates said Sadler had planned the murder and even lined the room with plastic before shooting Mr Anderson-Brettner so as to avoid leaving forensic evidence of the killing.

He also purchased disposable gloves and goggles the day before the murder.

Sadler worked as a bouncer at a nightclub in Launceston and met a contact there who had links to Victorian drug suppliers.

With this connection, Sadler would bring in drugs from interstate and hand them off to Mr Andersen-Brettner to sell.

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But Sadler became "angry at him" after Anderson-Brettner racked up a six-figure drug debt with the Victorian suppliers.

Sick of "copping flak" from organised criminals he invited his drug partner to his home where he shot him three times and cut off his head, arms and legs.

An autopsy revealed the victim had been shot in the torso three times.

"No other parts of Mr Anderson-Brettner's body were ever found," Mr Coates said.

Sadler claimed he did not pull the trigger, telling the court: "The gun was pulled on both of us. They then turned the gun on Jake and shot him. I was told to 'cut the body up and get rid of it'."

He refused to name those he claimed were responsible, telling the court that doing so would put his family "in danger".

Sadler will be sentenced later in the year.

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