Kate Middleton praised for gracefully avoiding wardrobe mishap on Jamaica tour

Royal fans have taken to Twitter to compliment the Duchess of Cambridge for avoiding a wardrobe malfunction while exiting a vehicle on tour in Jamaica.

Kate Middleton wore a gorgeous white lace dress designed by Alexander McQueen that featured a square neckline, delicate lace sleeves, paired with a large white fascinator to the Commissioning Day Parade.

The tightness of the dress and the size of the headpiece could have caused an embarrassing wardrobe mishap.

But in true future-Queen style, the 40-year-old managed to 'gracefully' vacate the SUV with her dignity intact, sparking a flood of amazed Twitter users to send their compliments on the manoeuvre.

One user said: "Ladies, this is how to alight gracefully from a vehicle in a hat and close-fitting dress. Watch and learn."

Another added: "I could never step out of a car or walk downstairs with as much artful coordination as Kate has."

A third wrote: "The way Catherine always gets to be so grateful."

A fourth commented: "Interesting to watch Catherine navigate a graceful exit from that SUV."

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A fifth replied: "Look at that slick move in getting out of the car, so dignified!"

Prince William and Kate arrived in Jamaica on Tuesday (March 22) as they continue a royal tour of the Caribbean that has received mixed reviews so far.

The trip has been seen as a last-ditch attempt to dissuade Caribbean nations from removing the Queen as head of state, as happened in Barbados in November last year.

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As Wills and Kate met officials, protestors gathered outside the British High Commission in Kingston demanding the monarchy pay reparations for slavery.

Despite some controversy around the trip, the footage shows The Duchess of Cambridge being warmly greeted by Jamaican MP and former Miss World champion Lisa shortly after landing.

But commentators on Twitter were sent abuzz when another clip was shared that appears to show Lisa abruptly tilt her head away from a laughing Kate, who then looks solemn and turns away herself.

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