Kate Middleton delights boffins on university trip with sarcy motherhood quip

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, made a humorous tongue-in-cheek comment about motherhood during a visit to University College London today.

She was at the university's Centre for Longitudinal Studies to meet the group which has launched The Children of the 2020s, a “landmark” study into the early years development of children.

During the visit, the duchess was shown archive material of historic research into early childhood dating back to the 1940s, including a birth questionnaire given to new mothers in 1958.

“We had answers to questions around who looked after the husband while the woman went into hospital,” said professor Alissa Goodman, the study’s co-investigator and director of the Centre for Longitudinal Studies at UCL’s Institute of Education.

“Oh, it was different, then,” the duchess quipped.

Kate will carry out more engagements supporting the study, something welcomed by Professor Goodman: “We were very impressed with her interest and knowledge and hopefully she’ll be back to see how we are doing, that would be amazing.”

Kate has spent a decade working to highlight the importance of the formative years of a child’s life and has established her Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood.

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The new organisation has three key areas of focus: research, developing new solutions with public and private voluntary sectors, and campaigns to raise awareness.

A quiet summer of very few public appearances for the Duchess of Cambridge had led some commentators to speculate that the Cambridges may be planning for another addition to the Royal Family.

But those conspiracies were quickly dismissed when she was spotted visiting an RAF base and spoke with troops on Prince Harry’s 37th birthday, on September 15th.

Now, interviewed on the Royally Us podcast, royal commentator Nick Bullen has explained why it's unlikely Kate will be having any more children.

“I think they feel that they’ve got a pretty perfect family," he said.

“I think Kate was always very keen to follow her parents and have that family of five. She’s matched it, and I think my own view is they’ll probably stop here."

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