Kate and William step up in royal events as they face slimmed-down monarchy

Kate Middleton and Prince William appear to have stepped up as senior royals and attempted to keep The Firm moving in the right direction after a rocky year.

A study shows the number of working royals and their official engagements are reducing.

The Windsors have undertaken less than 60% of the engagements they were honouring two years ago, with a combination of Covad, loss of senior members like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, and the elderly generation of royals growing older, believed to be at the heart of the issue.

In total, the royal family fulfilled 2,065 duties this year, which is an increase of a third (35%) from 2020, but only 59.5% of 2019's number.

Future King, Prince William, is the only royal to have completed more duties (227) this year than 2019's tally, research Patricia Treble says.

The analysis by the Canadian researcher shows Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, only attended one fewer event this year compared to 2020.

She also had the smallest drop in duty events compared to two years ago.

The future Queen Consort has been praised for stepping up to the plate with high-profile projects and campaigns over the past year.

Ms Treble said of William and Kate: “Sure, their overall level of engagements hasn’t changed that much but that’s actually news, as the other senior royals have experienced large drops in their tallies during the pandemic.”

The Queen, who lost her husband of seven decades, Prince Philip, in April, has also been plagued by a recent health scare.

She undertook 182 engagements in 2021.

Her Majesty had attended 127 in 2020 and 291 in 2019.

Prince Charles has tended the largest number of engagements over the past few years, but Princess Anne has worked the most number of days and has been dubbed the 'most hard-working royal'.

This year, she took up the top spot for both areas and did 10 more engagements at 381.

Although, her numbers had dropped from pre-pandemic levels, decreasing by 22% from 486, with Charles' number of duties falling by almost a third to 371.

Ms Treble also suggested it was a pointer to the future of a slimmed-down monarchy, with sources seeing no sign of younger royals such as Andrew’s daughters or Edward’s children being brought in to help bolster the ranks.

She said: “Obviously the upheaval generated by the pandemic during the last two years has meant that direct year-to-year comparisons between 2021 and pre-pandemic years can’t be made.

“However, one could infer that trends revealed by the pandemic are likely to continue, especially as the older royals undertake fewer engagements.”

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