Kate and William hands-off parents on Christmas day, says body language expert

Prince William and Kate Middleton are “hands-off parents” based on their actions at Sandringham on Christmas Day, a body language expert has claimed.

The whole gang was out on show for the festive tradition that saw them walk to St Mary Magdalene in Norfolk.

According to Judi James, the Prince and Princess of Wales showed off a very clear parenting style while out strolling.

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She noted that while the hand of young Louis, 4, was held by mum Kate, the other two kids were given more free reign during the outing.

The Royal procession was led by King Charles, his first time doing so since the death of his mother the Queen in September.

Also in the lineup were Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Andrew.

Judi told the Mirror that Wales’ made clear efforts to demonstrate that they were increasingly hands-off parents with the older two.

She said: "William and Kate showed off their children with the usual signals of pride and it was clear they are now becoming 'hands-off' parents as their children grow in confidence."

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Meanwhile, she also noted that Prince George was taking an increasing role of leadership, and was directing his younger brother with his actions.

She also added he was increasingly playing a protector role.

"Charlotte was pulling ahead as they walked towards the church and George has gone from being the rather shy-looking boy holding his father's hand to the older brother keeping an eye on and showing nurturing and directional signals towards the four-year-old Louis," she said.

"One of the sweetest and most poignant body language signals was the sight of George using touch, chat and bending rituals to signal he is now in the role of protector and 'keeping-an-eye-on' monitor for his younger brother Louis.

"As the family reached the church William put a hand out to touch George's back and leaned towards his elder son but George was already using those same rituals towards his small and rather playful brother.

“The gesture looked spontaneous, as though this is a role he is taking on a lot and, after the footage of a young William and Harry growing up together that was shown in Harry’s Netflix show, it looked like a poignant mirror-image of how their sibling relationship shaped up before they grew up and fell apart.

"William was shown in caring mode for Harry back then, just as George is now with Louis. The links can't have been lost on William, who seems to have proved himself as a man who learns from mistakes from the past and battles to reshape his future accordingly."

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