Just one third of Brits back striking Russia with nukes if Putin uses his

Just one third of Brits say they would want nuclear retaliation should Vladimir Putin fire Russian warheads at Britain.

It comes amid repeated threats against the West from despot Putin, whose claim that he would use "all means necessary" against the likes of Britain and United States was delivered in a chilling speech.

But should it come to nuclear warfare against Britain, it would appear that only one in three Brits would want any form of nuclear retaliation.

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Warmonger Putin accused Western powers of engaging in "provocative" nuclear rhetoric, but it does not appear to have changed many of the population's stance on refusing to fire back.

A recent poll from TECHNE asked: "If Putin uses nuclear weapons, should the NATO alliance military be directly employed against Russia?"

The poll puts the country in a three-way split, which reported that 34% of Brits would be all for nuclear retaliation, while 35% would be adamantly against a strike.

A total of 31% said they had no idea whether or not nuclear retaliation should be directly employed against Russia.

The poll saw a total of 1625 UK voters asked whether they would want to see NATO retaliation against despot Putin and his forces.

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Ukraine is currently not a member of NATO, with membership unlikely to be fast-tracked, as it would require the approval of all 30 sitting countries.

Alexandere Venediktov, deputy secretary of Russia's Security Council was quoted by TASS as saying: "Kyiv is well aware that such a step would mean a guaranteed escalation to World War Three.

"The suicidal nature of such a step is understood by NATO members themselves. We must remember: a nuclear conflict will affect absolutely the whole world, not only Russia and the collective West, but every country on this planet.

"The consequences would be disastrous for all mankind."

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