Joe Biden’s ‘mental decline’ leading to Kamala Harris becoming President ‘highly likely’

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Iain Dale told that Joe Biden will have an advantage as US President by having a lot of people that served under President Obama around him. However, Mr Dale stated that the President-elect is showing signs of mental decline and is not the leader that America needs. 

Mr Dale said: “Joe Biden does have an advantage in that he will have a lot of people who have been there and served under President Obama.

“So they are not coming in cold to power.

“However, Joe Biden is showing material signs of mental decline.

“I do not think he is the leader that is needed for America at the moment.”

The political commentator added: “He does not strike me as somebody who is a decision-maker.”

“I do not see him providing leadership.

“I do think it is highly likely that Kamala Harris could take over as President at some point during a Biden Presidency.”

Earlier this month, US political commentator Megyn Kelly told Good Morning Britain that Joe Biden has no mandate from the American people.

She added that he will need to use executive orders to get legislation through the US political system. 

Megyn Kelly said: “He comes in pretty hobbled, Biden, as he emerges to the top job.

“He has no mandate.”

The political commentator added: “He doesn’t even know the people, he was in his basement sitting on a beanbag just trying to phone in for some Zooms.

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“He didn’t work for it because he was winning with his basement strategy.

“The Republicans are going to be more determined than ever to stop everything he does.

“So we are going to be seeing executive orders and that is it.”

Joe Biden has surpassed the 270 electoral college votes needed to win the 2020 US election but Donald Trump has yet to concede defeat.

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