Jimmy Saviles cursed creepy cottage completely wrecked by trophy hunters

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    Sick souvenir hunters have stripped bare a property once owned by celebrity sex offender Jimmy Savile.

    New images show Savile’s Highland house of horrors , after plans to bulldoze it ground to a halt.

    A fresh snapshot from inside the Glencoe lair where the celebrity paedophile is believed to have abused 20 victims, show collapsed ceilings, smashed walls and piles of debris left behind by sick trophy hunters in recent days.

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    The Daily Record reports that the property, which was once visited by King Charles, still sits festering nearly 18-months after a council received controversial plans to bulldoze it and build an ultra-modern new home.

    Speaking to members of an online group who visit derelict and abandoned properties, Lauren Watt said: “Finally went to see the Jimmy Savile house.

    “Nothing left of it though.”

    Other members who have visited the site said the cottage had been “completely wrecked” in recent weeks, with roof tiles torn off and insulation pulled from walls.

    One urban explorer said: “Place is probably cursed, but the current owners must be sick of people trashing it.”

    Another said: “It’s sad as it’s not justice for the families or hurting [Savile]… would be a nice home for someone regardless.”

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    Savile, who was one of the BBC’s biggest stars, spent decades grooming, molesting and raping children.

    It’s believed the DJ, who died in 2011, had abused up to 1000 children, with some as young as two years old.

    Savile first set eyes on the Allt-na-Reigh cottage on a cycling trip in 1944 and lived there from 1998 until he died at the age of 84.

    It also featured in the Louis Theroux documentary When Louis Met Jimmy in 2000, when the interviewer spent a week with the star.

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    Savile wrote in his will that the cottage should be handed over to the community after his death.

    But soon after Savile's death, the property was searched by police after a flood of allegations about the perverted star emerged.

    The two-bed home beside the A82, once home to climber and mountain rescue leader Hamish MacInnes, was auctioned for £212,000 then sold on.

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    It was later bought for a reported £335,000 by the family of retail tycoon Harris Aslam but his plans to raze it to the ground remain up in the air despite being lodged in October 2021.

    Aslam plans to replace the eyesore with a futuristic new-build family home but the proposal has prompted a number of of complaints.

    Amongst objectors was The National Trust for Scotland who said the contemporary design would “distract and detract from the immersive experience of travelling through a landscape that is renowned and valued across the world”.

    It said: “It damages our nation’s reputation for respecting heritage, while bringing no obvious public benefit.”

    The Highland Council planning application is still under consideration.

    If you or somebody you know has been affected by this story, contact Victim Support for free, confidential advice on 08 08 16 89 111 or visit their website, www.victimsupport.org.uk.


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