Italy now clear favourite to be next country to quit EU

Georgia Meloni says ‘we will not take lessons’ from France

Italy is now the clear favourite to be the next EU member state to quit the bloc, bookmakers have said. With eurosceptic Giorgia Meloni now six months into the job, the betting community platform the Online Sports Betting Group (OSBG) pointed to odds of 3-1 being offered by betting sites including Coral, Ladbrokes and Bet365 that the country will be next to use the escape hatch.

An OSBG spokesman explained: “Bookmakers make Italy favourites after far-right Meloni became the first female Prime Minister of Italy when she was elected back in September.”

He explained: “Meloni has long been anti-EU with reports from Politico stating that she called for Italy to leave the euro as early as 2014.

“Fast forward nine years later and Meloni is now leading Italy into a big period in the country’s history, with Paddy Power now saying there’s a 25 percent chance of the country leaving the EU next.”

Greece’s odds of leaving the EU next have been cut to 6/1, with the phrase Grexit actually predating Brexit.

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The spokesman added: “The country was close to exiting the EU in 2015 with a newly elected government closing in on negotiations to leave before a late U-turn despite 61 percent voting against a deal in Greece.

“Greece exited the EU’s enhanced surveillance framework back in the summer of 2022 and now looks to be going from strength-to-strength as a country.”

Speaking to in September after Ms Meloni’s confirmation as the country’s leader following the resignation of predecessor Maria Draghi, Dr Cino Pagliarello, a Visiting Fellow at the London School of Economics’ European Institute, downplayed the prospects of a so-called Italexit.

She said: “There are not at the moment real dangers for foreseeing dramatic changes, for example, Italy leaving the EU or the Euro.

“Surely, the next months will bring a severe economic and social turbulence in Italy and a potential stop to the growth and structural reforms path initiated by Mario Draghi.”

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With reference to Ms Meloni’s political philosophy, she added: “Whether we call it neo-fascism, post-fascism or radical right, Meloni’s party has often adopted an ambiguous position towards fascism, including sharing one of its key symbol, namely the flag flame.

“However, although governing a largely Eurosceptic and anti-immigrant coalition, she is also a very experienced politician, as she has demonstrated in her carefully crafted public image as a ‘mother’, a ‘Christian’ and a ‘national patriot’.”

Nevertheless, Ms Meloni was also aware of the need to maintain good relations with international allies Dr Cino Pagliarello acknowledged.

She explained: “For instance, her pro-NATO stances, as evidenced by her trips in the US and by her previous support to Draghi’s position towards Ukraine, and an overall attitude of reassurance for international markets, are all signs of the extent to which Meloni will position herself and her party in the international arena.

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