Italian tries rubbish English food ahead of huge Euro 2020 football final

England and Italy go head-to-head in the Euro 2020 final tonight.

While most commentators expect it to be a close match on the pitch, national stereotypes suggest the competition is something of a mismatch in the kitchen.

As Italians proudly extol the virtues of their food such as pasta and pizza, the English are often somewhat more sheepish about their delicacies.

Ahead of the massive football match, the Daily Star found an Italian living in England to sample some of the more simple English dishes.

Giuliana Noschese, 32, is originally from Naples and has been living in London for around seven years.

After chowing down on some of some traditional English 'delicacies' including marmite on toast, a sausage roll, a Scotch egg, beans on toast and a pot of Pot Noodle, she said: "I had never tasted any of these things before.

"Marmite is disgusting. I was intrigued by the Pot Noodle because it smells like minestrone (an Italian soup) but it looks like vomit.

"Based on the name I thought it would be like Asian noodles but there is corn in there. I was very confused.

"With the Scotch egg, I didn't even taste the egg."

England face Italy in the country's biggest football match in 55 years.

Gareth Southgate's team is rightly being lauded, but English cuisine has a while to go before it is seen in the same light as Italian grub.

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Sales manager Giuliana said: "It (English food) is a bit plain. It doesn't really have much flavour.

"It lacks in salt and it's not too sweet either. There's not really a distinct flavour, there is no comparison to Italian food.

"You needed to put extra salt in the beans. I can maybe understand the beans in a brunch with eggs together with other ingredients but not beans on toast on their own.

"But I do love fish and chips and sausage and mash."

Giuliana is one of more than 300,000 Italians living in the UK. While she is confident her team will in the huge clash at Wembley

Giuliana added: "I'm confident for an Italian win. I think the Italian team is well-gelled together.

"I think it's coming to Naples, not to home or Rome.

"But I do love living in England, it is the country of opportunities, living in London makes you think you can accomplish everything you ever wanted."

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