Israel-Palestine conflict: Resident in Gaza fear ‘another attack’ as situation worsens

Gaza: Residents 'living in fear of another attack' says expert

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Palestinians living in the Gaza strip have voiced fears that the territory could face another Israeli military operation amid concerns over the recent ceasefire agreement. Hamas Israel agreed to a truce last week which ended days of hostilities. Airstrikes carried out by the Israeli Airforce caused widespread damage across the Palestinian enclave, in total, at least 253 people were killed in the Hamas controlled territory in the recent clashes while in Israel, 12 people have been killed, including two children. 

Ms Tayeh told Channel 4 News: “The word I would use to describe the situation right now is confusing because there are so many negotiations and talks about a permanent ceasefire but at the same time we are not hearing about any terms on the ground.

“So the situation is actually getting worse for the people here in Gaza as they are thinking of the possibility for the Israeli attack to come back at any moment.

“So they are trying their best to stay strong, resilient and hopeful.”

She continued: “At the same time they are feeling nervous about all of this and trying to just understand what is going on.”

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Ms Tayeh added: “We have a ceasefire here, that doesn’t mean the Israeli attacks would end.

“Because they are so many Palestinians injured in the Israeli attacks and now they are dead.

“At the same time with this huge amount of destruction we don’t know what to do, how to rebuild Gaza again

“Also the people are traumatised, they are having a really bad time trying to process what happened and what is going to happen.”

Israel-Gaza: Air strike destroys building in Gaza City

Fighting erupted on May 10 after Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad began launching rockets into Israel from Gaza after Israeli security forces and Palestinians in East Jerusalem clashed around the Al-Aqsa Mosque, a highly sensitive holy site in the Old City.

In response, the Israeli airforce has carried out multiple sorties against infrastructure and militant linked targets across Gaza.

The truce was announced last Thursday following a meeting of the Israeli security cabinet amid mounting calls from the international for a de-escalation in Gaza.

In a statement confirming the ceasefire, Israel’s security cabinet said the decision had been “accepted unanimously”.


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The statement read “The Political Security Cabinet unanimously accepted the recommendation of all security officials, the chief of staff, the head of the Shin Bet [internal security agency], the head of the Mossad [foreign intelligence] and the head of the National Security Council, to accept the Egyptian initiative for a bilateral unconditional ceasefire, which will take effect at a later date.

“The chief of staff, the military echelon and the head of the GSS reviewed before the ministers Israel’s great achievements in the campaign, some of which were unprecedented.

The political echelon emphasizes that the reality on the ground will determine the continuation of the campaign.”

On the Palestinian side, Hamas announced the ceasefire would be “mutual and simultaneous”.

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