Inside new Prime Minister Rishi Sunaks crippling Coke addiction

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    Britain's new Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has a crippling addiction – and it's something he has previously been open about in the past.

    The 42-year-old father-of-two has openly admitted to being addicted to the iconic drink Coca Cola.

    And according to reports, he has a whopping seven fillings as a result of the drink, which he now limits himself to just one drink of a week.

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    The new PM even admitted to the coke addiction during an interview with two very amused young school boys a few years ago.

    He was asked whether he prefers “coke or Pepsi”, in a light-hearted chat.

    Sunak said: “This is one of those things that not many people know about me.

    “I collect Coca-Cola things -I am a coke addict, I am a total coke addict.”

    “A Coca-Cola addict, just for the record” he clarified quickly.

    “I have seven fillings to show for it, because I got through a lot of the stuff when I was younger.

    “No Diet Coke, no Coke Zero, no Pepsi.”

    Sunak even went one step further and claimed that his favourite was “Mexican Coke”, because in Mexico it is the “only place in the world where it is made with cane sugar, instead of high fructose corn syrup”.

    He added: “For anyone travelling to Mexico or the southern states of America, it tastes amazing and I would thoroughly recommended it.

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    “But only one a week so you don't end up with seven fillings.

    And according to a claim from a friend who went to school with him, his addiction to coke was is “only weakness” when it came to becoming a keen cricketer.

    Sunak's drinking choice came under the microscope during his time as Chancellor, too.

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    Traditionally, when giving a budget statement, it is the only time anyone speaking from the House of Commons dispatch box can have alcohol.

    However, due to his Hindu beliefs, Sunak is teetotal and drank what officials described as “standard water” from a plastic cup.

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