Inside luxury £16.5m doomsday condo with swimming pool and rock climbing wall

A disused missile silo has been turned into a luxurious apocalypse-proof condo that will enable 75 people to ride a doomsday event for five years.

The facility, north of Wichita, Kansas, USA, was one of many built in undisclosed locations during the Cold War and is now a state-of-the-art fortress that can provide shelter for 12 families, if the need arises.

Doomsday prepper Larry Hall of the Survival Condo Project bought the silo in 2008, and has since poured in close to $20million (£16.5m) to turn the military storage container into a 15-story deep end of the world oasis.

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The Survival Condo is designed to stand its ground in the event of any natural or unnatural disaster you could possibly think of throwing at it, and function as a self-contained and self-sufficient community if needs be.

It has nine feet thick walls that can withstand a direct nuclear hit. It also has three power supplies, three separate water sources, water filtration system, aquaponic farming and hydroponic food.

Larry told Insider: "It's not the luxury that drives the cost, it's the caliber of the infrastructure and the threats you're protecting against, and, most importantly, the duration that you can be off-grid for.

"We [Larry's team] said, 'Hey, if we're gonna build a high-end bunker, I'd hate to, like, need protection for two years and only have designed it for one and a half years.'

"So we said, 'What would we have to do to make this place capable of sustaining people indefinitely?" And that turned out to be quite a cost-driver."

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Larry and his team, with help from a consultant, also hatched a plan to deal with the social and human aspects of off-grid living.

The team added the likes of a swimming pool, gym, rock climbing wall, movie theatre and dog park in an effort to make bunker-living as close to real life as possible.

Larry said: "You need to make life as normal as it can be because subconsciously, your brain keeps track of abnormal activities."

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There's also a shooting range, a library, a classroom and an arcade room with a pool table.

There are various units within the complex. The penthouse unit, priced at $3m (£2.5m) is roughly 1829 sq. ft of living space that can accommodate six to 10 people.

The penthouse unit comes with an LED big screen TV, a state-of-the art kitchen, a Jacuzzi and an "outdoor simulated view” window that comes with varying light levels to reflect they times of the day.

The team also devised a kind of blue-print to the bunker way of life, similar to that of a collective farm or commune.

Larry said: "What you really wanna do is make sure that people feel productive, so you're gonna need everyone to be working four-hour workdays, and every 30 days, people will rotate jobs so you don't have any single points of failure and everybody knows how to do all of the jobs there."

Insider reports an estimated 35% of Americans believing an end-of-the-world event is coming, and people can choose to ride the disaster out in various styles of accommodation, from bunkers at homes to survival communities with country club amenities.

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With America's healthy survivalist market, which sees sales in doomsday prepping gear spike following a natural disaster like the pandemic, it's unsurprising Larry has had a lot of interest in his apocalyptic wonderland.

Larry's luxury bunker was so popular, every unit in it sold before the project was completed.

Currently, Larry and his team are transforming a second silo that is three times bigger than Survival Condo, into another luxury apocalyptic retreat.


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