Inappropriate cage for kids branded a monstrosity and against Covid rules

A church group has caused a stir in a Welsh seaside town after a local complained about a "cage" for children that has been erected in the local area.

The upset local branded the structure a “monstrosity” that was "not appropriate" for children and could even pose a Covid risk to the children that use it.

The enclosure, which has been put up on a green near the seafront in Criccieth in Gwynedd, was defended by the Scripture Union which stated it was used as a sports area, reports NorthWalesLive.

The Criccieth resident posted their dismay on the council's Facebook page, writing: "“Have you seen what the scripture union have put up in Criccieth?! Massively inappropriate.

"Surely they haven’t had permission to erect a cage for children? Can someone please look into this. It’s quite disturbing.”

The woman also suggested that it could be against Covid regulations, adding: "“Surely putting kids in a confined space rather than (giving them) the freedom of the entire green is against Covid regulations?

"It’s actually made me feel quite sick and I’m not the only one.”

Responding to the post a representative from the council advised it would be looked into but suggested the resident contact the Scripture Union directly “to see what their intentions are".

But she rejected that suggestion and insisted that as the cage was in her view, “highly inappropriate” its "licence to operate" on council owned land should be revoked.

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She added “Perhaps the council were unaware of such a monstrosity. No-one in their right minds wants to see kids in cages.”

A Gwynedd Council spokesperson told North Wales Live: “We are aware of concerns raised on social media about the holding of children’s activities in Criccieth, but no formal complaint has been made to the council.

“We have been in contact with the Scripture Union, the organisation holding the children’s activities, and understand that the cage is being used for children’s ball games. We also understand that the activities are drawing to a close today (Friday).

They add: “Arrangements are being made to inspect the site to ensure that the activities have not caused any damage."

The Scripture Union defended its use of the enclosure.

Jo Morley, who looks after the Scripture Union’s Missions work, told the publication: “We have had our Holiday Club going in Criccieth all week.”

On the enclosure, she said: “It’s a sports cage that we use for football and games for children and young people.”

She added: “We leave it completely locked up and secure when not in use. But all of the rest of the time the children can go in and out as they wish.”

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