Im a better person since pal paralysed me by throwing me 25ft off a bridge

A woman left paralysed after being hurled 25ft off a bridge by a “jealous” friend says it has made her a better person.

Emily Holliday, 20, suffered life-changing injuries when the pal threw her down onto a canal path.

Doctors told her she had severed her spinal cord and would never walk again.

Yet she said: “I feel like a better person as I appreciate the little things more now.”

Emily was walking home after a night with friends when a 17-year-old – who cannot be named – began acting “irrationally”. She said: “He was being really aggressive towards me.”

Suddenly he scooped her up and threw her over the side of the bridge.

Emily added: “I remember the moment he threw me, then landing and hearing a massive ‘crack’. I couldn’t feel anything, I knew it wasn’t good.

“I woke up in hospital and doctors told me: ‘You’ll never walk again’.”

Paralysed from the chest down, she spent more than five months in hospital.

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The teen responsible admitted a charge of wounding and was sentenced to a two-year youth rehabilitation order, avoiding time behind bars.

Emily said: “I was disappointed. I don’t think it’s fair that he has completely changed my life and walked away from prison.”

She still battles daily pain, but is looking to the future and remains positive. She took to TikTok to share her story and inspire others – racking up 3.5million views on her video.

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Emily, from Birmingham, said: “I lost everything I had – I don’t have a social life anymore.

“But I feel so lucky to be here. I was given a second chance at life.”

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